In the Company of Support
The Alexander Technique at Endicott College


Debi Adams is a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique. She received her certificates in 1992 from The Alexander Technique Center of Cambridge (Tommy Thompson, Director) and Alexander Technique International. She is also a Nationally Certified Teacher of Piano. Debi holds a Master of Music Degree in Piano Performance from Boston University. She has also completed Actors Secret training with Betsy Polatin which she continues to study. This training combines Alexander Technique with the trauma work of Peter Levine and the breath work of Carl Stough.  Debi currently teaches the Technique at Boston Conservatory at Berklee, where she also directs a teacher-training course. She maintains a private practice in piano and the Alexander Technique and performs in the Boston area as part of the Well-Tempered Pianist duo. Debi has been fortunate to share her work in Canada, the Czech Republic, Japan, Korea, Peru and throughout the United States. Her struggle with a hand injury led her to the Technique and has deeply influenced her teaching of this work.

Bob Lada is a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique having received his certificates from Tommy Thompson and from Alexander Technique International. Bob is a professor at Berklee College of Music and a member of the Effortless Mastery Institute there. Bob's primary background is in athletics and analytics and he looks at the Technique as a tremendous aid in getting out of one's way in performance situations so that creativity and skill can come through. His perspective on AT is one of transformation as the path to more fully participating in the present. He teaches at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, the Alexander Technique Center of Cambridge, Chesapeake Bay Alexander Studies as well as in private practice in Cambridge, MA. He has taught at American Repertory Theater and Harvard Extension School, conducted workshops throughout the USA, Asia, and Europe and is a charter member of Alexander Technique International. Bob has also completed Actors Secret training with Betsy Polatin which he continues to study. This training combines Alexander Technique with the trauma work of Peter Levine and the breath work of Carl Stough. 

Tommy Thompson 

is author of Touching Presence (with Rachel Prabhakar) and co-author of Scientific and Humanistic Contributions of Frank Pierce Jones. Tommy is currently at work on a new book, An Awakened Life: Evolution of a Teacher.  For the past 49 years Tommy has taught and applied the Alexander principles and concepts and has guided thousands towards a life well lived more to their satisfaction. This list includes Alexander teachers and trainees, professional and Olympic athletes, dressage riders, scientists, physicians, corporate and university professionals, musicians, dancers, actors, children, trauma victims, the sexually abused, and those with life threatening disease and the disabled, to a more fulfilling and meaningfully satisfying life. Tommy has enjoyed an active in-person and online teaching practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, since 1975 and has taught on 30 teacher training courses worldwide. He has given well over 1,000 workshops internationally for Alexander teachers, teacher trainees and the general public in 15 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America.
Founder and Director of the Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge, the center was awarded The Best of Cambridge, Massachusetts in Alternative and Holistic Health by the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. At the center, Tommy has been training Alexander teachers since 1983.


David Griesemer, MD 

is a Board-certified pediatric neurologist at Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte, NC. A 1976 graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, he did further training in Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins and in Neurology at the University of Michigan. He has served in clinical, teaching, research, and leadership positions at the University of Arizona, the Medical University of South Carolina, Tufts University / Floating Hospital for Children, and now the Carolinas Healthcare System. Dr. Griesemer has published extensively in the medical literature, especially concerning epilepsy and neurologic disorders affecting the developing child. Active areas of interest include concussion and brain injury, seizures and movement disorders, as well as disorders of cognition and behavior. He also has an interest in functional medicine and in healing strategies beyond pharmaceuticals and surgery. David joins us this summer and will share his experiences in neuroscience as they relate to free will.   Here's a video of him discussing the Alexander Technique: