In the Company of Support - 

Pathways to Choice


Annual Alexander Technique Summer Retreat 

Endicott College July 21-26, 2024

Beverly, Massachusetts

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Institute Directors
Tommy Thompson, Debi Adams, and Bob Lada 
with invited guest teachers

We are constantly making choices, large and small.  Often our choices are repeated in patterns familiar to us.  We tend to make the same choices over and over. The Alexander Technique offers us the opportunity to make new choices by creating an environment in which these choices can be revealed. Our three faculty will speak to different ways we can address choice. Tommy will speak of choiceless awareness governed by withholding definition, Bob will speak of unfolding definition, and Debi will address holding two realities simultaneously. These three perspectives represent some of the different choices we can make, all grown from Alexander’s discoveries. Our explorations will seep into questions about free will which will be addressed by David Griesemer, our resident neurologist. Come join us and explore your choices and the possibility of being surprised by what is revealed!

Our explorations and guidance are driven by the Alexander Technique and the unique approach we each bring to that study--and always, we explore this In the Company of Support.  

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