In the Company of Support - Making Peace with yourself
The Alexander Technique at Roger Williams University

Annual Summer Retreat

July 28 - August 2, 2019

Roger Williams University

Bristol, Rhode Island

Registration Information

Institute Directors
Debi Adams, Bob Lada, and Tommy Thompson
with invited guest teachers

We welcome you, Alexander teachers, trainees and students, to join us for our annual summer retreat at Roger Williams University,, 45 minutes south of Boston. Join us in an ideal pastoral setting for continuous learning and personal growth In the Company of Support -  Making Peace with yourself.

Our time together will focus on individual growth and the positive application of the Alexander Technique in all aspects of life's daily activities, performances, visions and interpersonal relationships.  Our focus will be “on the ultimate use of the self, making peace with yourself”.

Please look at the schedule page for our special evening events.

We will all arrive on Sunday afternoon, July 28th after 2PM, and gather as a group for an evening meal around 6PM. Our last event will finish on Friday August 2nd at 2PM.

Why Making Peace with yourself ?

Identity is a key part of what the Alexander work is all about: it enables us to forge a deeper sense of who we are.  We will be looking at identity in a lighthearted and supported way. We'll look at topics such as fluidity of identity and identity in relationship, and identity as attachment to personal narrative. We will provide the time, space, and support to explore who you wish to be and quite possibly have always been. For the ultimate use of self is to make peace with yourself so that you can be at peace with yourself... and others.
Join us again ... or for the first time and welcome to another summer 'In the Company Of Support'.

JOIN US for a five day residential retreat in the comfort of Roger Williams University with air-conditioned private and double rooms (, full athletic facilities, proximity to the ocean and other outdoor activities.  We will have morning, afternoon and evening workshops and special presentations to be announced, with time set aside for reflection and private work sessions.

YOU WILL RECEIVE a private lesson and several group classes from our core faculty. We will also invite guest teachers for other sessions so that you have the opportunity for expanded exposure to different ways of teaching.


We will try to arrange for a ride for you.  Please let us know your arrival time and location ASAP so we can secure these arrangements.

 If you choose to get there on your own here are the options.

 From Providence T.F. Green Airport 

 Public Transportation:

There are several buses to Kennedy Plaza in downtown Providence.  Bus #60 from Kennedy Plaza will take you to The Roger Williams Campus.  It will take 1 ½-2 hours total. 

 A Lyft or Uber from Green Airport will take about 40 minutes.  The cost, depending on arrival time of course, is $35 shared and $45 not shared.

 From Boston Logan Airport

 Public Transportation:

You will take the Silver Line to South Station. From there you will take a Peter Pan Bus to The Providence Convention Center.  A short walk to Kennedy Plaza brings you to the #60 bus to the Roger Williams Bristol Campus. The trip will take  2 ½-3 hours.

 A Lyft or Uber from Logan Airport will take an hour and 15 minutes.  It will cost $40-$90.

Full workshop with room and board – $1250 (double room) or $1500 (single) 
Trainee or Commuter (meals included) – $950.  
Daily Fee – $300

A deposit of $500 USD will hold your space until June 1st when the final balance is due.

We offer sponsorship evaluations for Alexander Technique International.

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